Music Department

Music is an integral part of Salvation Army ministry around the world, and the Nigeria Territory is no exception. The music department was established in the year 2000 by the then Commissioner Joshua Ntuk (Territorial Commander). The Music & Creative Arts Ministries mission is responsible for developing, equipping, resourcing and inspiring all forms of music and creative arts in Nigeria Territory.


Monday Morning Dews (Devotional Program): is a weekly podcast program to keep your mind right as you start each week.

Correspondence Music Course: is a graded music course program organized by the music department ranging from Grade 1 – 5 (Music Theory) & Grade 6 – 8 (Music Practical).


Territorial Music Camp is a bi-annual territorial music program which is conducted every summer to trained the young adult ranges from the ages of 14 - 45.


The Nigeria Territorial Staff Band (NTSB) & Nigeria Territorial Staff Songsters were established on the 27th of January, 2019. The mission of the Nigeria Territorial Staff Band (NTSB) is to bring honour and glory to God by promoting His praise and enhancing the spread of the Christian Gospel through its unique music ministry. It is in the charge of Bandmaster Joseph Akpan and consists of 45 dedicated band members of Salvation Army congregations from across the Nigeria territory. Members represent a variety of occupations and studies. The Nigeria Territorial Staff Songsters (NTSS) is led by the Territorial Songster Leader John Obot and the mission of the Nigeria Territory Staff Songsters is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and to glorify Him through his given talent in singing. Their goal is to lead people to God through singing and also encourage others to use their voices to sing praise to the Lord our creator. The NTSS consists of 50 volunteer Songsters members of the Salvation Army congregations from across the Nigeria territory. The singers are dedicated Salvation Army soldiers with diverse vocal backgrounds, and leading church ensemble singing and a long-term commitment to music ministering in The Salvation Army.

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