Officers Training College

The Salvation Army Officers’ Training College Nigeria Territory

Mission Statement

The ultimate aim of cadet training is to develop officers who are true and passionate Salvationists embodying such ‘Blood and Fire’ spirit that they are equipped to advance the mission of The Salvation Army.

A cadet is a student attending the training college. The essential criteria for enrollment is that they possess or are seeking the experience of holiness, and that they are Called by God to officership. Each cadet will have participated in a rigorous enrollment process which will have assessed their suitability for officer training. The residential component of this lasts 22 months, and culminates in cadets signing a covenant, being commissioned and ordained as a Salvation Army officer with the rank of Lieutenant, and receiving their first appointment.

In order to fulfill its purpose, training has three principle focusses which it seeks to develop:-

1. Spiritual life – this is the primary aim of training

2. Academic capacity, with the possibility of being awarded an accredited Diploma in Theology

3. Practical learning with frequent opportunities for evangelism and public ministry including a 10 week summer assignment

God is helping the college train effective 21st century officers. What happens here will have an impact on our beloved Nigeria Territory for generations to come. God continues to call Salvationists to the great work of officer leadership; they are those who will assist Him with winning the world for Christ. He has given us victory; He will give us victory. Our best years are ahead of us. Hallelujah!

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