Youth Department

The Salvation Army Nigeria Territory has a youth department that is operational from the headquarters which its activities caught across the Outposts, Societies, Corps, Sections, Districts and Divisions in the territory.

Our Vision

To raise young people who will be holy disciples of Christ Jesus and to influence the society positively with their lives which reflects God's word.

Our Mission

To engage the youth of this generation to be passionate, committed and also inspire them in a significant Christian life and launch them into the world prepared for good leadership and relationships.

Youth department runs a lot of programmes that places emphasis on activities that enhances growth, knowledge, encourage character building and career life development of teens and adult youth, mentoring and educating them for the possibility of a better life.

We have:

  • Corps Cadet: this is a group of young youth who study the Bible, study Army history and write the lessons for three years after which they graduate and certificate would be issued to them.
  • SASTUGRAFE: is fellowship in the territory that binds the graduates, undergraduates and the students together. Through the conference done biannual all and sundry will gather to learn, teach and educate ourselves on things that will help us personally and effect our generation positively.
  • Youth Congress: this is also a programme where junior, senior and adult youth gather every two years to show talents, sports, timbrel, Bible quiz, army history and current affairs competitions. Through this, winners will emerge.

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