What Does The Public Think?

The public believes that poverty is an important issue.

Do you ever wonder what the average Nigerian thinks about poverty? More than 500 hundred Nigerians receive help each year from The Salvation Army. One-third of the funding comes from a very generous and supportive public. Contributions are received in the National appeal week, through letter appeals, self denial, league of mercy. Many people contribute in many ways to help make a difference in the lives of fellow Nigerians who need a helping hand. It takes a lot of concerned citizens to make a difference! It’s worth knowing what they think.

  • Nigerians believe that poverty is the second most important issue facing the country, behind the economy and health care.
  • The Salvation Army is recognized as the charity most associated with helping homeless people and families in need amongst all other Nigerian charitable organizations.
  • One in nine Nigerians believe that people living in poverty deserve a helping hand.
  • One in eight Nigerians believe that helping out poor families helps set up children of these families for success.
  • The majority of Nigerians believe that poverty is a problem that we can do something about.

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